Directions to condo, located at 3055 Trinity drive, apt. #422 

We are looking forward to your arrival!  Our check-in time is 4PM. If you need to drop off your luggage before that, please feel free to do so any time after 11 AM (our check-out) time. When you'll get a chance, could you please let me know your approximate arrival time? There are always things to do, if any extra time is available :) 

The 2BR/2BH condo is located at 3055 Trinity drive, in Trinity Village complex, building 4. It is on the 2nd floor (not counting the ground floor), apt. #422. Building 4 is the last building in complex as you are coming to town from Santa Fe, the first building if you are coming from LANL.

We use a digital lock, so that guests can check-in at any time that is convenient for them. THE CODE TO THE DIGITAL LOCK IS  in your message from Airbnb. To unlock the door, enter the code, AND after you've entered the code, turn the knob clockwise. To lock, press the oval button on top, AND turn the knob counterclockwise (please remember to turn the knob, the lock won't turn it for you :) ) 

The parking space assigned to the condo marked with the letter K. To find it, as you are facing the building, move to the far right end of it. You will see 3 parking spots on the ground floor of the building, parking K is in the middle. Additional uncovered parking is available as well.

After you've parked, follow the pathway along the doors on the left side of the parking space.

You will come to the stairs, which you can't see from the parking. Follow the stairs to the second floor. 

Condo 422 is the one on the left. If you need more directions or have questions, please don't hesitate to call or text me at 505-310-4181.

The condo has everything (or almost everything :) ) you might need. The kitchen is fully stocked with plates, cups, pots, pans, drinking glasses, cooking utensils, etc, etc. Frying pans and small pots are stored in the bottom drawer of the range. If you find that something you need is missing, please let me know, and I'll bring it.  I make beds for our guests, and there is also a good supply of linens and towels in the walk-in closet. Extra blankets, pillows, and bath robes are there as well. Anything you will find in the closets and cabinets is for you to use. 

We have a compact washer and dryer in the condo. For those who love to dry their clothes outside, we have two retractable clotheslines on the balcony. There is also a laundry room located on the ground floor of the building. The code is 312. The laundry room on the left side of the parking area, which is to the left of your parking area.

For TV we have a Sling internet TV with about 30 basic cable channels. Roku allows to watch YouTube and Netflix on a TV. To watch Netflix, please have your password ready, and if the previous guest didn't log out from his Netflix account, please do so. To access Sling TV, after you turned on TV, press Menu on a small Roku remote and in a menu navigate to the Sling TV app. Please do not log off from Sling at the end of your stay and do not reprogram TV (if you do, please restore original settings). It takes us time to correct the reprogramming, and if we’ll have to hire a tech to do that, we’ll have to charge your deposit for that amount. Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t bring back the original programming on our own.

The login and password to WiFi are in your message from Airbnb and they are also on the sticker on WiFi router located on the bookshelf in the small bedroom, it also on the label in the top drawer of the grey shelf by the entrance.

The key to the mailbox is on the wall in the kitchen. The mailboxes are in between the two parking areas, yours and the one to the left of yours.

For the guests who want to jump to exploring Los Alamos right away, we recommend the Bradbury museum and van tours of Los Alamos ( Los Alamos History museum and Fuller Lodge are other landmarks to visit. Los Alamos History museum also offers walking tours of downtown.

For the people who are new to the area, I put a few suggestions of what to do in Los Alamos and the area here: Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of ideas here:

The closest trails to the condo are trails in Acid canyon, behind the Aquatic center (6 minutes walking from the condo). The easiest trail in town, great for people who are getting used to LA altitude is a Rim trail. It’s an asphalt surfaced trail; it goes from the Smith parking lot to the parking lot across the road from COOP (natural grocery store). It’s about 2 miles one way. For the views, White Rock Rim trail is one of the best. It starts near White Rock Overlook, which offers gorgeous views as well. It's also an easy trail for


Remember your sunblock and water! Sunblock is essential at Los Alamos high altitude. You’ll need more water with you than you usually do, as you will get dehydrated much faster, especially in summer. If you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, please watch out for the wild life. Los Alamos is visited by mountain lions, coyotes and deer. Rattle snakes are seen in the area as well. Bears are frequent visitors in all areas of town. Be especially aware of the mother bears with cubs. The bear attacks that happened in the area were caused by mother bears protecting their cubs. When hiking, it can be a good idea to carry a bear/pepper spray with you (available at Metzgers). In summer please be aware of the forest fires that unfortunately happen every summer in NM (the worst fire months are May through July, until monsoon season starts). Before hiking/travelling check to make sure there are no fires nearby, and always be alert of any smoke. Fires spread fast here, so knowing a safe way back home or alternative route is important.

Our nature is amazing! Hope you'll come to love it, as many locals do. If you need an advice on hiking trails, don't hesitate to ask, I am always happy to share my favorite places! You may also like Los Alamos Trail app, which is free, and very useful for selection and navigating local trails.

Thank you for choosing Los Alamos Flats for your stay, and I hope you will enjoy the place and the area! We always try to make sure that our guests enjoy our properties. If anything is not working properly, or I missed anything, please let me know while you are there, so that I can fix that! I would highly appreciate any tips you might have for making the space better as well. Please never hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, or need anything! 

Safe travels!

Olga 505-310-4181